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Until last months will be appeared some news, videos, articles or reports related with us at…


·Bike a fondo magazine news about the Guinness Record with our tandem.

·Todociclismo Radio UPV article speaking about Mtb legend Ned Overend.

·Todociclismo Radio UPV article speaking about Mtb restrictions at Natural Parks.

·Open de España de Enduro Bitem 2019 promotional video with our Rider Elias del Fresno and others! Also Xavi Mas personalized video too.

·Todociclismo Radio UPV article speaking about the Mtb legend Nico Vouilloz.


Previous seasons:


·Todociclismo Radio UPV article speaking about Olimpic & Paralimpic cycling.

·Alfons Bayonas interview at El Desván de Alejandro.

·Sea Otter Europe 2018 repport showed at Esports 3 & Teledeporte TV’s.

·Todociclismo UPV Radio Mtb article speaking about Downtown & Snowbike.

·News about 2018 Tandem journey at “Diari 3 de 8”.

·Alfons Bayonas interview at Todociclismo UPV Radio about Sea Otter Europe & Trobada de tàndems 2018.

·The Bici Facil magazine & La Sorrera Bikepark promote our video about Campionat de Catalunya & Copa Catalana Dh 2018.

·Tandems report on Bikes World magazine with Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas picture & article.

·Buff Down Urban Barcelona’s video resume at Esports 3, edit by Outdoor TV.

·Alfons Bayonas interview on Todociclismo UPV radio program.

·Tandem route  on VlogTrackMTB #11 with Alvaro Hernandez & Alfons Bayonas.

·Alvaro Hernandez explaind his senses ridding our tandem on TrackMTB Podcast #82.


·Valencia   I Salón del deporte inclusivo’s new publish on  Comité Paralímpico Español site with a picture of our tandem on it.

·I Salón del deporte inclusivo Valencia’s oficial video edit by Revista INSports.

·X Lleida Downtown resume on Esports 3 , also appears on Telenoticies Vespre de TV3. **Minut 40:45”**

·X Downtown de Lleida’s video filmed & edit by RFS. Also Solo Bici post it too.

·First TrackMTB Video-Blog called “Vlog TrackMTB with our riders  Alfons Bayonas & Raquel Font at Unibike 2017 Catlike stand.

·News about St. Sadurní Open Natura’s at MTB Aventura y diversión blog.

·Published our Catlike Forza 2.0 helmet promo on Bici Fácil magazine.

· Kinethic Handmade Bikes advertisement on Iberia’s Ronda magazine, page 124, that’s available on all their flyes arround 57 countries.

·Betevé Esports (Barcelona TV)  tandem cycling activity for visual empired people report with our rider  Alfons Bayonas.

·Alfons Bayonas post on INSports #2 inclusive sports magazine.

·Post on MTB Aventura y diversión Blog about Open Natura’s El Catllar 2017 event with explaind about our tandem.

·Paracycling resume at Els matins de TV3” with Alfons Bayonas interview live on TV.

·Alfons Bayonas interview at Track MTB podcast número 50.


·Alfons Bayonas Double page interview at Solo Bici Magazine.

·6 pages article about Components & riding with tándems on Bike Facil magazine #2.

·Interwiew streaming live at RTVA (Radio Televisió d’Andorra) on Vallnord’s MTB XC World Cup race.

·Our team appears with the riders on the new Carbonif 2017 brochure.

·We are the June’s riders of the month on the Facebook site called Endureros por el mundo.

·Oficial Buff Down Urban BCN 2016 video with our tandem on the podium.

·Our  Buff Down Urban Barcelona 2016 video its recomended on MTB Pro.

·El Vendrell’s Open Alpcross BTT Tour article on MTB aventura i diversión.

·Fira de la Candelera news on digital magazine “Viu Molins with new partners for our project!


·Cicling section every 2 weeks at Radio Molins de Rei 91.2 FM (Baix Llobregat area, Barcelona). 4th season, 66 articles.


·News about RFEC discrimination to our team from ADE-Asociación De Deportistas.

· Race livestreaming from Bilbao City Downhill World Tour 2015 at Innevento’s web & their Youtube channel.

· oficial Bilbao City Downhill World Tour video, publish at  Al otro lado & Pinkbike.

·Alfons Bayonas interview at Meddia Aranés news from Catalunya Radio about Vielha’s DVO DH Cup race.

·Oficial Downtown de Lleida’s video  2015 with our tandem and publish at Ruedas Gordas & Al otro lado MTB.

·Vielha’s DVO DH Cup news at ESMTB & Sport newspaper.

·News about Bilbao City Downhill World Tour spelling about our tandem at Pinkbike & ESMTB and Endurospain video.

·Oficial DVO DH Cup video from Tartareu’s race.

· 2015 Tandem Test news  on La Molina website,Core bicicle &

·Oficial video from DVO DH Cup from Vallnord with our tandem on the podium.

·News about our team at Sport Style Fashion with video.

· 2015 descens de Godall’s news at La plana Radio.

·We are presents in “Showreel Recap by Riding Spirit.


·Clip on  All or nothing 2” film by Dirtyflows doing a complete downhill with our main tandem, with their Premiere on Pinkbike.

Work like a action double specialists in “Punt cec” film by ABC’s Produccions with our downhill tandem doing some spectacular actions.

·Pinbike September’s pict of the month.

·Pinkbike September 17th Pict of the day.

· La Molina’s Copa Catalana de Descens news at

·Our riders interwiewed at Meddia Aranés of Catalunya Radio (Vall d’Ar`àn disconect).

·News of Vielha’s DVO Copa Catalana de Descens 2014 on their site DVO Downhill Cup & ESMTB.

·avi’a’s Campionat de Catalunya + DH Challenge 2014 recap at Esports 3 &

·News of Pineda‘s DH Challenge at their site Pineda Rocks,,, 203 mm. &  Al otro lado MTB

·Oficial video-Recap from Cervià de les Garrigues DH Challenge (Lleida).

·Down Urban Barcelona 2014 video.

· Interview at sports article from 8 al dia, presented by Josep Cuní on 8 TV.

·Press note about tandem discrimination by RFEC on MTB races, publish on Solo bici MTB, 203 mm., ESMTB & Bike Zona

·Alfons Bayonas interviewed at Viu Molins de Rei.

·News about collaboration with Midland on the Midland España website.

·Alfons Bayonas will be the december’s “Biker of the month” on the magazine Mountainbiker #20 & their newsletter.

·Season compilation  about Galfer Bike riders at their newsletter, ESMTB, MTB & mas i Mountainbiker.

·News about  Roc Roi Copa Catalana Downhill on Llinars at Guak, Al otro lado MTB, Amigos del ciclismo, Planet MTB, 203 mm. & ESMTB.

·New about the 2 Hores de resistencia en BTT d’Avià at Cop de pedal & the video on Televisió del Berguedà.

·Report about Down Urban Barcelona at Teledeporte & Esport 3, report on program 14th de Evasion TV on Teledeporte, interview at 8 TV news, news at Trickon,, and artícle at artícle at

·News about Campeonato de España de descenso in Panticosa on 203 mm & Planeta MTB.

·Pre-View about  Campeonato de España de descenso in Panticosa on 203 mm, Iberobike & Bike Zona.

·New about  Vallnord’s Copa Catalana de descens on

·Target from our racing team at Galfer Bike’s Racing section.

·Video explaining the “Bike” products from Galfer Brakes for play on shows, publish at Bike Zona TV too.

·Oficial riders list from Formula Brakes with Jordi Granell & Alfons Bayonas.

·Videos compilation at

·Alfons Bayonas interviewed at Cofidis con los paralímpicos.

·News about Maçanet de Cabrenys DH Challenge de descens 2013 on Galfer.

·Video about Cervià de les Garrigues DH Challenge on Manel Prods, & Frequency.

·galfer Bike’s newsletter from 05/05/13, publish on Bike Zona, MBIKE.TV, Al otro lado-MTB too.

·Alfons Bayonas interviewed at El diario de la república (Argentina), Suplemento deportes & Atletas puntanos.

·News &  video about Pau-Vilajuiga’s Roc Roi Copa Catalana de descens 2013 on Manel Prods & Al otro lado-MTB.

·News &  videos about 20e Descens de Sant Andreu de la Barca 2013 on FCC, RFEC, Generalitat de Catalunya, El Mundo Deportivo, Manel Prods, Iberobike, Giroracing Extreme Sports, Rodamoncicling,,, Mallorca riders, Amigos del ciclismo, Trickon,  Todo MTB & Al otro lado-MTB.

·News &  videos about Godall’sDH Challenge de descens 2013 on Unió Ciclista Santa Bàrbara, Planeta, U.C. Sta. Barbara, La Plana radio, Manel Prods,, Su ciudad, Frequency, 3GP Skull, Foro MTB & King of bikes .

·Photo of the week at Freaky Bikes.

·News about  our Galfer’s contract  on their Newsletter, Al otro lado-MTB,, Mountainbiker, MTB y,, Yo y mis circunstancias & Mountainbike 35

·Llinars del Vallés Guak’s Copa Catalana de descens video publish on Guak & And 2012 season teaser on

·Panticosa’sCampeonato de España de descenso 2012 cronicle on

·New about  19e Descens de St. Andreu de la Barca at Infobiker.

·Athletes department at



Publish on 06/25/19.



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