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If you want to know some news… Attention to our latests news! Here you can find the news about tandems, our Racing Team results or news from our collaborators…



2017 Season


03/12/17— Primera jornada Capaciclem!

For cellebrate the “Día de la discapacidad” the First inclusive cycling day at Parc ciclista del Llobregat, based on Sant Joan Despí, until ever friendship kids races, some unabled ciclist like Juanjo Méndez, Xavi Caballol (also Catlikers too) and our XC Team Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas, we show that how can do some people with eport and determination, and with Area Adaptada help and our tandems, every people that want to try the sensations from some injuried sportists, can drive some adapted Bikes and participate with us in a relaigh race. Finally we’ve got a present from the organizers like an integrated cyclist from these journey that can be continued on next season for shure. Congrats CC Sant Joan Despí and we are very grateufully for think in us!


25/11/17— Ruta dels avions!

These is the Area Adaptada’s last route of every year and today we will be more than 50 fisical & sensorial adapted cyclists with some non adapted cyclist coming with us doing a easy route near to Llobregat River’s Delta  and see  on the diferent visitors areas arround El Prat de Llobregat Airport the landings of big airplanes and enjoy a good track available for all cycling level.

19/11/17— Tandemaire’s Vallgorguina route!

Before winter is coming and ending the season, 5 tandems of our Tandemaires group comes to Vallgorguina to do a mountain bike route arround this beautifoul village following the local Tandemaires Inma & Pep, that sowhing us some nice places like the “Dolmen de l’Home gentil” and other El Corredor mountain amazing trails. Next season we do more Tandemaires routes!


21/10/17— Gala de l’esport de ONCE Catalunya!

As every end of season, ONCE Catalunya cellebrate their show with commemorations for the catalan atletes with best results, managers & technics, guides, captains, suport people and other sportists without Racing participation of all sports, our cicloturism group Tandem Barcelona with the manager technical Carmelo Esteban, who do for the sporting activities previous to these show a Spining practices.

20-22/10/17—Sant Andreu Solo Bici Festival 2017!

This is the second Edition of these bike festival and the expositors was increased and visitors can test a lot of Bikes. These year we can’t test or ride on the tracks (for our last weekend injuries) but we can’t loose the oportunity to visit our collaborators and other friends.

15/10/17— Campionat de Catalunya & Copa Catalana DH 2017!

To Vallnord (Andorra) we come to race on the Copa Catalana Dh 2017 final stage & Campionat de Catalunya de descens 2017 too, and our new tandem Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas stoping the time on 12:15” on the final round with 2 crashes on the most difficult track of the season. Note that our captain Elias del Fresno race with his individual bike, finishing on a meritory 11th position Master 30 finishing without chain.

We want to congrat for their Copa Catalana DH 2017 Tandem General Final victory at same time that we hope a quickly recovery of her injuries to Inma Serrano, stocker on the other tandem that was Racing with Manolo Olmo captain, they do a big crash on Saturday oficial trainings and can’t start the Sunday race.


10/10/17— Top Fun Week 2017!

We come to know the 2017 new products presentation of the Top Fun Bike brands like Formula Italy, Renthal or WTB and more.


08/10/17— X Downtown de Lleida!

With the new presence on the Project of our new captain Elias del Fresno, with our usual stocker they starts the downhill competition experience in the clasic Downtown de Lleida, doing a correct qualify round to be confidence and decrease arround 10 seconds on the final round to finish Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas inside the other 2 tandems was Racing as you can see on the video filmed & edit by RFS or at Telenoticies Vespre from TV3 (Minut 40:45”). Congratulations to Manolo Olmo & Inma Serrano’s tandem for their espectacular round on Lleida’s Seu vella streets!


30/09/17— I Salón del deporte inclusivo!

The INSport Magazine make possible the I Salón del deporte inclusivo at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia  and some unability or empired sportists can practice a large variety of adaptatives ports and the visitors, family, other sportists or volunteers can feel their sensations and practice like them with the same adaptations or sensorial emulations. From we offer our MTB & Downhill tàndems with the long experience from our technical staff and organize the Trikes, Paralel Bikes and Road tàndems from Kinethic Hanmade Bikes.

29/09/17— TrackMTB’s Video-Blog!

When we are visitin Catlike’s truck at  Unibike, Alvaro & Jorge from TrackMTB meet us, if you remember they interview our technic Alfons Bayonas on their TrackMTB Podcast #50, and now they explainds us some new projects for their Enterprise like the Video-Blog and they invite us to participate on that “Vlog #1 from TrackMTB” on their new Youtube channel.

23/09/17— Visit at Unibike!

Unibike its the spanish cycling show and we come to Ifema Madrid to visit our collaborators like Rotor Bike Components, Catlike, Duopower Bicicle Seat and  Progress Cycles and see all the news about cycling brands.

22/09/17— New promotional video!

On our Tandemdh Youtube channel you can see our Catlike Forza 2.0 helmet promo edit by “Sin frenos” with our riders Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas.

17/09/17— Return to Open Natura!

Some weeks ago we do the last Open Natura stage and we want to return to the amazing trails and excellent Organization from their staff on Sant Sadurní d’Anoia’s 4th stage! Our tandem Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas complete again the track without troubles and now more confortable with the Kinethic Handmade Bikes new Enduro hartail tandem that you can see on our Tests de materiales (Spanish lenguaje).


16/08/17— Iberia advertisement!

The 1st Spanish aeronàutic company (that have flyes to 57 countries arround the world) have their own magazine and give it to all their passengers, it’s the   Iberia’s Ronda magazine, and thanks to Kinethic Handmade Bikes advertisement on the page 124 appears our tandem Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas!


02/07/17— Tandemaires goes to Via Verda!

If we starts these year doing the Tortosa‘s Via Verda, now our tandem group comes to the Carrilet d’Olot, that’s another old traint way that’s listed on Via verda’s program and they are very recomended for a tandem ride.

 29/05 to 02/7/17— Vallnord MTB World Cup!

The High level competition it’s the best place to show and knew the last tendences of the cycling sector, and product news and Vallnord (Andorra) is a good place to see some of our collaborators like Galfer Bike, Rotor Bike Components or Formula and that is a pperfect tracks to test our new Kinethic Handmade Bikes Enduro tandem.

18/06/17— Trobada de tàndems de Vilafranca del Penedès!

As every year we do the traditional Tandem Journey at Vilafranca del Penedès, for this season the only one track are very easy with a short distance and low dificulty to be possible the participation of the kids and Young people from the CRE (Centre de Recursos Educacionals) from ONCE Catalunya. That’s a beautifoul journey with 25 tandems and fully of pedals, histories and  new and old friends waiting for the next one on 2018!

18/06/17— Adapted sports journey at Premià de Dalt!

With a lot of acts focused on visual empired people, Premià de Dalt (Barcelona) organize some sports competitions and tests to shows to these collective some experiences and our MTB tàndems are selected to feel the off road experience inside the Bikepark La Poma and thanks to their technical staff.

11/06/17— Betevé Esports and the tandem cycling!

On the magazine Betevé Esports (Barcelona TV) does a cycling reporrt about the integration of visual empired and blind sportists with the participation of our rider Alfons Bayonas.

03-04/06/17— Sea Other Europe!

For a first time the amazing Sea Other fair was done at Europe, after  26 years on Laguna Seca (California) and Girona was the perfect place for it. At Sea Other Europe Girona we presents our new tandem Kinethic Handmade Bicicle Frames for Enduro build toghether with some usually collaborators that are showing their product range on their own spaces like Duopower Bicicle Seat, WTB, X-Sauce, Catlike, Progress Cycles & Galfer Brakes!

02/06/17— Revista INSports #2!

The Young magazine focused on promote the sports Integration for empired people INSports publish on their #2 an Alfons Bayonas post about tandem participation on cicling events like a Integration way for the blind or visual empired people with other sportists without sensorial deffaults.


18/05/17—Congrès Català de la Bicicleta!

On the VI Congrès Català de la bicicleta cellebrated at Reus with a lot of interesting cicling presentations, our technich & Rider Alfons Bayonas does his presentation about “Participació en igualtat” of blind & visual empired people equal participation, showing again their troubles & solution proposals for the cicling sector and the visual empired people Integration in the society.

14/05/17— X-Terra Tarragona!

At X-Terra Tarragona we don’t come as a riders, for these event we comes like a technical suport for Nicolás Arellano & Jose Manuel Candón (Team Tritandem A pedales), with their new tandem Kinethic Handmade Bikes for XCM with our collaboration on geometry and designs for their proposal. X-Terra events been so difficult and a taste of it was the big crash that these tandem does on the MTB sector that causes some injuries to the 2 riders... They try to finish the race but it can’t be possible.... We hope that next event can achieves their goals!

07/05/17— Open Natura a El Catllar!

This was the 3rd date for Open Natura’s 6 reptes 2017 and our tandem Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas comes again to El Catllar’s amazing and funny track, with the good senses and good people ever doing this kind of events.

06 & 07/05/17— Copa Catalana Enduro Arfa!

Probably will be the hardest enduro race on the catalan Schedule with moret han 50 km. And +3000 mts for 2 days race with 3 chronos every day, and this is the first race of these season for our captain Xavi Maswith his single bike to retorn the senses after a winter especially longer to do his nurses on mid April.

The Superenduro Arfa XXL can do in a meritory 24th Master 30 position of 125  riders and 68th scratch of moret han 240 riders and was a very good test for the new Catlike Forza 2.0 helmet.


03/04/17— Live on TV!

The TV program leader of the morning time on Catalunya, “Els matins de TV3, from TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, does a paracycling article with our riders Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas pedaling with a road tandem Kinethic Handmade Bikes, and a Alfons final interview live on TV.


02/04/17— Castelldefels Open BTT!

The 2nd date for Open Natura’s 2017 “6 reptes” on the new Castelldefels place (Barcelona) with our tandem Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas participation, enjoying the track until they loose some adverticement and go out of the track, and does a parallel track to finish on the same castle of Castelldefels.


12/03/17— biker weekend!

On these weekend near to our headquarter have 2 important races but we can’t do it with our tàndems by diferent reasons. On Saturday we comes to Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona) to watch the Open de España Dh trainings because the RFEC rules discriminates the tandem and consequently the blind or visual empired people... On the Sunday journey we comes to Banyoles (Girona), to watch olímpic riders Racing on the Copa Catalana Internacional, that’s a UCI’s “Horst Class” and the tandem Bikes can’t do it.


05/03/17— Open BTT Tour 2017 starts!

The first Open BTT Tour 2017 event has been cellebrated at El Vendrell (Tarragona) and our XC tandem comes to participe on it. A very rocy track wait for us with the equalized level between dificulty and enjoy for a tandem ride like our riders Raquel Font & Alfons Bayonas doing it.

03/03/17— Track MTB interview!

Track MTB is a business focused on Mtb routes for visitors, and they does the 1st spanish podcast about MTB and for their 50 program decide to interview our Rider Alfons Bayonas speaking about tandem bike particularities, details about integrated sport for visual empired people and other interesting things.


26/02/17— The Tandemaires does the Terra Alta’s Via Verde!

For restart the season and have a nice day pedaling toghether, our Tandemaires group comes to the Terra Alta’s Via Verde to do it between Vall de robles (Aragón) and Tortosa (Catalunya) with a 60,1 km. Track that give us the oportunity to make some stops and doing a wwine taste D.O. Terra Alta at the Agricola Sant Josep from Bot village, enjoying the knoledge from their Marketing & sales manager Jaume Martí; the Fontcalda’s termal natural waters  or Xerta’s viaducts, to finish the travel at Roquetes village... Waiting for the next trip very soon!

07/02/17— New collaborator to the project!

With the new products from brands like WTB on tires or Progress Cycles for the rims, the Tubeless sistem working for a tandem bike are so good, and our diferent tests give us some confidence about it, can’t repeat some troubles previously detected for us… And it gives the oportunity to the necessary component for work correctly on tubeless wheels-tyres sistem like X-Sauce with their anti-flat liquids, tubeless kits or tire repairs and more that we show us on these season! Thanks for give us your confidence!


11/01/17— New DH Racing Team video!

On our Tandemdh Youtube Channel you can see our 2016 last race video at Cervià de les Garrigues Copa Catalana DH (Lleida) when Xavi Mas & Alfons Bayonas stops the chrono on the shortest time ever registered on a Tandem in this track, on the qualy run.

01/01/17— New 2017 season!

With new 2017 year, also starts the bike Schedule and we have more challenges like Racing season, product tests or travels that we hope that you come with us and provide some good experiencies!


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