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If you want to know some news… Attention to our latests news! Here you can find the news about tandems, our Racing Team results or news from our collaborators…



2018 Season


26/07/18— GP FIE 2018!

The Fundació Isidre Esteve cellebrate for a first time their relaig course Gran Premi FIE 2018 on the Circuit de Catalunya (Montmelò)with the objective to recap some Money for the Fundation in a funny solidarity journey, givvin the oportunity to participate in a sports event to the empired people and showing their casualistics to all the sportists and visitors. To show our knoledge about visual empired sportist we show our Enduro & Descens tandems and our riders Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas, with Raquel Font asistance, also participate with some FIE staff people.

01/07/18— Buff Mountain Festival 2018!

With the organizer invitation  of the Buff Mountain Festival, our riders Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas goes to Barruera, the Pirinees village (Lleida) to starts on the MTB Maraton Cup final event. With our participation on the event, we promote the inclusive cycling & the sports benefits for visual empired people.

10/06/18— Tandems Meeting 2018!

After dates change, now we can do the Tandems Meeting, with our riders Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas, with Raquel Font helping the organizers, enjoys a good cycling morning with good weather and the usual good feeling with all the tandemists! For these season, the track have arround 30 Km. Distance With 450 climbing meters Riding by easy ways but with some technical lines for more funny riders all arround Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona).

08/06/18— Tandems race!

After the Sea Other Europe 2018 fair opening, the first sportive event was the tandem race, on these season in a exhibition format with  5 tandems like our riders Xavi Mas & Alfons Bayonas, with a 2nd place, and one of our supported tàndems with Xavi Dionisio & Pepi Benitez with a 3rd place. We want to congrat the campions Martín Olmo & Hugo Olmo with a amazing start loop and a high rithm that was impossible to follow for our riders!

28/05/18— Sea Otter Europe 2018!

This will be the 2nd Sea Otter Europe show and we are very plaisured to anunci that will be the 1st exclusivelly tàndems event on our country! The same place of Clasic Bikes or Copa Catalana Internacional Xc race on the same weekend.

To do the free inscription you can visit here.

18/05/18— tàndems Journey cancelled!

A crash working on the track for the event causes some injury to the Journey organizer, and he needs some time to recovery. The new date is 10/06/18 when it does on the same conditions that are planified for 20/05/17.... We wait for you!

14/05/18— Return to UPV Radio!

On today’s program Todociclismo at UPV Radio, our technic Alfons Bayonas starts a collaboration speaking about big Mtb’s world, starting with an explaind about all kind of “Gravity” like Downhill, Enduro, Dual Slalom or some of their variations.


29/04/18— Campionat de Catalunya Dh!

A new track was the selected to do the Campionat de Catalunya & Copa Catalana 2018 at Bikepark La Sorrera from La Garriga (Barcelona) and our tandem Xavi Dionisio & Alfons Bayonas, after a correct sunny and hot trainings... they have a raining and cold qualify round, with a soft crash without fisical consequences, but with a lot of loosed time to finish at only 29” rear the first tandem classified  on a long donhill arround 6 minutes and so far away from their own time under 5 minutes of training days.

The continuous climatològic changes causes the retire decision of our team on the final round, that’s because a few minutes before the final round start  appears the frog, starts the rain with heavy wind and finally iced rain that causes very bad conditions for our riders (and others who are waiting for their start too) to decide the retire for their own security.

18/04/18— New collaborator with the project!

Really they are not a new collaborator for us, because on 2012 they are our tires partner and now Onza Tires have a new products with the very best results and aret he reference of these complicated sector... Very soon we can show you more about it!


30/03/18— Bikes World article!

On Bikes World magazine #55 from April they shows a tandem report with a article written by our riders Elias del Fresno & Alfons Bayonas with Jordi Prats Picture and a Kinethic Handmade Bikes Enduro tandem that we design.

24/03/18— Visit to Volta a Catalunya!

Today we enjoy cycling “from the other side” with our friend Gabi de Nicolai, she also its from our road tandem group, visitin the final stage of Volta a Catalunya UCI Pro Tour and see our collaborator Gobik Wear that its the jersey leader sponsor too of these prestigious professionals race.

20/03/18— Collaboration continued!

As every year from 6 seasons ago, our braking power can be insured thanks to Galfer Brakes with their excellent brake rotors, brake pads & DOT oil! Thanks a lot for continue trusting in our project one season more!

13/03/18— Down Urban Barcelona’s vídeo published!

On our Tandemdh Channel on Youtube you can see our tandem Racing on Buff Down Urban Barcelona 2018 edit by RFS... Enjoy it!

11/03/18— Descens de St. Andreu!

The mythic Descens de Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona) arribes to their 25th edition and our tandem have not acceptation to race it, but our team are present thanks to our captain Xavi Mas, that finishes on 14th on Master 30 and our mechanic Joanet Aparici, that finish 27th on Master 40 and offers the technical service on BCP Suspension stand all the weekend.

04/03/18— Some races!

These it’s a very bussy weekend for our riders, the first one was the Down Urban Barcelona with our main tandem finishes 5th position, on the first Dh race of our sparring Xavi Dionisio, in the  injured Elias’s  del Fresno’s place, He ride like a captain with Alfons Bayonas in the stocker place on the most amazing Edition of these event.

On these race also participate the tandem Mario Morata & Ruben Capdevila with our  old tandem and they finishes in a amazing 2nd Tandem position & the 4th Elit & Scratch of the captain with his single bike... We hope to see them on more races on these season!

These weekend our Rider Xavi Mas also races on Open de España & Copa Catalana d’Enduro cellebrate at Bitem, with a 47th result after having a crash on the T2 stage that gives some consequences for the next stages of the race. Our mechanic Joanet Aparici have some crash on the same T2 stage, that needs to retire of the race and come to the BCP Suspension stand with his technical service offered these weekend for all the riders.

Finally we want to give our greetings to the paratriathlethes Marc Martin & Dani Llambrich that are the new Spanish Long distance Duathlon champions at Orihuela (Alacant) with our support.

28/02/18— New collaborator!

The vinil pinture specialists Dipcolors BCN paint our Dh tandem with the new Gobik wear colors for these season! Very soon you can see it.


26/02/18— radio interview!

On today’s Todociclismo program from UPV Radio our Rider Alfons Bayonas was interviewed.

14/02/18— Surgical intervention!

A correct recovery is basic to retorn to diary rutine and a correct surgical intervention will be the fastest approach to reinforce the broken collarbone of our captain Elias del Fresno and start his trainings as soon as possible.

13/02/18— Collaboration continued!

Our staff can ride in safe again thanks to the renoved collaboration with our partener Catlike with their excellent Forza full face helmets or the confortable Whisper shoes like we use on previous seasons... Thanks a lot for your continued support!

10/02/18— Don’t starts so good!

These season start don’t rules as we want because to the knewed temporally stand-by of our captain Raquel Font (very soon we explaind her cause), now we add a new temporally stand-by after a heavy crash of our captain Elias del Fresno that can’t retorn to Riding after have reinforced his broken collarbone training for Osor‘s Copa Catalana Dh with his single bike, and our team don’t race in. We hope that Elias have a quicly & nice recovery from this injury and we continue Riding toghether very soon!

07/02/18— Collaboration continued!

As we know some weeks ago, now we can explaind the continued collaboration with the excellent Tubeless seal, Tubeless kit sistems, cleaner & wax lubricant X-Sauce as we use on 2017 season.

02/02/18— New collaborator!

The actually suspension sistems  are so good but at BCP Suspension knows, these can be upgraded and the portuguese ND Tuned aret he responsable of some of the best tunning kits and the manufacturer of the lighter coil shox on the market, that now we test on our Dh tandem.


31/01/18— Return to the TrackMTB blogg!

If a few days ago we link to the TrackMTB Podcast, now we want a show you Alvaro Hernandez ridding with our stocker Alfons Bayonas on their “Vlog” TrackMTB #11 and watch his sensations.

30/01/18— New collaborator!

On these season we not only restructure our Racing Team 2018, also add Gobik Wear with their excellent technical wear, with it our riders can ride with confortability, achieve the maximum of their eport and looks very nice.

29/01/18— Return to TrackMTB Podcast!

As explaind some weeks ago, we receive the visit of Alvaro Hernandez, TrackMTB CEO and do a tandem route with our Kinethic Handmade Bikes Enduro tandem on Collserola’s area. If you want to ear about his sensations ridding one of our Machines, take play on the TrackMTB Podcast #82.

27/01/18— Road season starts!

After winter stop and two weeks with bad weather conditions, finally starts the road  cicloturism routes with Tàndem Barcelona group with every Saturday departure and finish on Velódrom d’Horta... If you want to try a road tandem don’t forget to contact us.

18/01/18— New collaborator!

For a correct work on all our Mtb tàndems, is necessary a good suspension service center and BCP Suspension with our mechanich Joan Aparici will be the responsibles of their tunnings and maintenance. The best service if you want a know how good can Works your suspension!

11/01/18— New personal collaborator!

Living every day was so complicated for a blind people and it is so much complicated if you are a blind sportiest, for help our stocker & Team manager Alfons Bayonas, have a new and interesting app called Lazzus with it he can find the ubication, knew the route on unknewed urban spaces.


04/01/18— First season activity!

These season to cellebrate the start of activities season, we invite to ride with one of our tàndems at Alvaro Hernandez, news photograph, route guide at Track MTB, “Find your flow” teacher & Podcast & Video-Blog “Vlog TrackMTB editor... If you want a know how does their experience, you need to wait for their share on TrackMTB social networks!

01/01/17— New 2018 season!

The new season starts and we accept the new challenges, events & races with the same illusion and new technical staff… Very son you new more about it.



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